Substack. Heard of it?

Hello Readers. Thank you for supporting my blog. I want to let you know I am moving The Man on the Move to Substack @

Substack makes it very easy to write, post, subscribe, follow, etc. As a bonus (for me), no constant WordPress updates, plug-in updates, hosting updates, PHP what the hell is that updates, etc.

I will still keep the domain and try to mirror the Substack postings here, but you should head over to and subscribe!

I have launched the Substack effort with the 3 chapters from my upcoming book, “Who Shaved My Cat? The Strange Tales of a Southern HOA”. For those who have been messaging, yes there are more stories to come!

Coming soon I will continue with new excerpts from my other book, “The Shallow Money Trench”. It is a collection of point blank war stories amassed from 30 years in the music industry. Yes I see your messages. Yes I see your texts. This popular series will continue as well.

Hint, Substack also allows for Podcast hosting – as if the world needs another podcast. My idea of a podcast would be one that is so politically incorrect each episode would have to be physically delivered on a micro-cassette by a man in an unmarked white truck. The packaging would include instructions for destruction after consumption.

In addition to stories from the HOA and Music Business, I will continue with my themes of Financial Counterculture, Digital Triangulation, and Analog Manliness. Stay tuned!

Cheers, and thanks for reading!

The Man on the Move – he’s mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

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