Espresso Chronicles II

My last espresso-fueled rambling generated some good convo. And some hateful DMs (thank you). I got up early this morning, had 4 shots, and started thinking about men.

The Trades

We stopped teaching trades in school. No shop class, metal working, small engine repair, auto mechanic, or paint and body. Now we teach all the kids the same thing, a common core, and tell them to all go to the same kinds of schools so they can compete for the same kinds of jobs. How many baristas does the world need with $50,000 student loans for art degrees? That job will be robotic within 3 years anyway, so best of luck with the crayons.

And dads… where is the shade tree mechanic these days? No, let’s just pull the mini-van into Jiffy Lube so the kids don’t have to get off their iPads. I wouldn’t know how to change the oil but I’m real good at running my leaf blower for 2 hours in my Vineyard Vines outfit. Washing machine won’t work? The first call is to a repair man, and the second call – the one after the repair man says he will be there in 2 weeks – is to Lowe’s. Fix the damn thing yourself!

Life Skills

Does your son know how to sharpen a knife, change the spark plugs, install a new operating system without data loss, split firewood, install a garbage disposal, setup a secure network, or replace a $10 carburetor on the lawn mower instead of hauling it down to the repair shop for $85? Does he know how to effectively fight (and not defend himself but win), grill a medium-rare steak, properly carve a turkey, pick a door lock, or service the brakes on his own car?

We need some damn testosterone up in here! Boys, let’s stop rolling up those cute little skinny jeans and talking about vegan burritos – there’s no such thing. Sweet Jesus I need more caffeine. If the last book that boy read is from the Harry Potter series I am going to blow a gasket!

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