Espresso Chronicles I

History is written by the winners. Society is made up of winners and losers. We won.

Now, however, we pay the price for raising a generation that spends their Saturday mornings loading up a mini-van to go play non-contact sports. Playing time today is mandatory, based on just “being there”. We don’t keep score and all the players get a trophy. We focus on self-esteem instead of building character. Building character? That’s too hard. Telling everyone they are a winner is easier.

We’ve eviscerated manliness & masculinity along the way, going so far as to label it as “toxic”. Hey guys, come on now! No pushing, no shoving, no horseplay, no fighting, no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches allowed in the lunchroom – the weak kids are allergic and don’t like physical contact!

Lower the Bar

We are in a stampede to the lowest common denominator. Even our leaders are fighting to lower the bar so everyone feels good, safe, and included. Standardized testing is being altered so those who perform poorly fair much better and those who perform better are now equalized rather than rewarded. Today a graduating high school class has 27 valedictorians because we can’t even declare a winner anymore.

Merit? Not Anymore

Now we enter a new world, where hiring is based on skin color, genitalia, and sexual proclivity. Merit will be considered, but we have to get the company “looking right” first. After that we will worry about performance.

Use whatever bathroom “feels right”. If you “identify” as something you are not those who try to point out the discrepancy in logic will be shouted down as hateful, “phobic”, and the losers of society. Winners just do what feels right, reality be damned. Remember when your mixed-league soccer team went 0-12 and you took home a trophy. You’re a winner sweetie! Let’s go to Sonic to celebrate!!!

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