An Autopsy of The American Man – Part II

Manliness… where did it go? When did it become a bad idea?

You’ve seen him. You know him. Our fellow man who is fearful of his own masculinity. He tries to remove it from his body as if it’s some kind of foreign object. He ends up neutered with no energy, no sense of direction, and no courage. He is trapped in a constant state of fear where anything he says or does might hurt or offend someone.

No leadership skill, no chutzpah, no goals or drive for results. Our culture tells him his masculine energy should not exist and that the idea of “being a man” is a fictitious ideal created by society. So now what?

A Man’s Value

The American Man has two things going for him today:

  • One. He is a cog in the machine of consumerism, beat down to become the obedient wager earner who works to spend and spends to work. His normal state of being is leveraging his take home pay with credit card debt, massive home mortgages, car loans, home equity loans, and a constant pursuit of “appearance” where he often doesn’t even know what that appearance should be – though it often begins at Pottery Barn & Vineyard Vines.
  • Two. He has had his balls completely removed. (see above)

Do you want to test the value of the American Man in today’s society? Go kill a deer, clean it, cook it, and feed the protein to family and friends. It’s an essential part of the circle of life, and a ritual that has been taking place for as long as man has been alive.

Now… post a picture of you with the dead deer on social media and watch the cries of those who will call for your death. Morons will somehow place the value of odocoileus virginianus above that of homo sapien. Not too long that kind of thinking would’ve been unheard of, but now it’s mainstream.

Instead of living as an autonomous creature who leaves the cave, kills something, brings it home, and eats it, the American Man today is some kind of homogenous, gluten-free, soy-laden vegan character I hardly recognize.

Stand Up

From a distance I recently saw some teenagers attempting to vandalize some property in our neighborhood. Nearby, there were several adult men from our neighborhood who all saw it happening. Shockingly they all turned their backs to feign unaware. I was pretty far away when the problem began, but finally made my over to talk to the teenagers and run them off. Then I approached the men of the neighborhood. “Why didn’t anyone say anything to those goons?” I asked.

In sad sonatas of the same key they all explained they were afraid the boys might find out where they live and come vandalize their house. Some of the men knew the vandals and were afraid the hoodlums might try to retaliate against their kids at school.

Can you imagine living with your gonads tucked so tight into your Vineyard Vines shorts you’re just going to let 12 and 13 year old kids damage community property for fear they may retaliate? I gave them all a “do better” speech and went home. They were drinking diet White Claws anyway…

Another time some kids were setting off late-night fireworks in our neighborhood and a lady called me to ask me if I could go ask them to stop. “Is your husband home?” I asked. “He is,” she replied, “but he’s afraid to approach them since it’s so late.” I replied, “Hmmm… what else is he afraid to do late at night? Call me back if I can lend a hand.” You learn a lot as the HOA president…

Under Attack

Tangential attacks on manhood include forcing the Boy Scouts to now accept females in their ranks, all the way up to Eagle Scout. This is an American institution where a boy can go learn how to build a fire, shoot a bow & arrow, sharpen a knife, build a camp, and work with fellow men toward a common goal of becoming a competent and well-rounded man.

Now Boy Scouts, forced to admit homosexuals and females, are just “Scouts”. The masculine is stripped away. Where the Girl Scouts remain single gender, the masculinity of the Boy Scouts is toxic enough to root out. It won’t be long, however, before precious little Nathan down the street shows up with a cute little scarf around his neck offering to sell you some Do-si-dos. Mark my words. This will be “normal”.

The Attacks Continue

We’ll beat it out of the man until the patriarch of the family is the butt of all jokes. Watch a sitcom on TV to see how the dad is always the boob – out of touch, old fashioned, and clueless to how the world works today. Most movies are scripted with this intent as well.

If a man is sexually attracted to female these days, he’s already crossed a line. Extreme instances of toxic masculinity gone awry like Harvey Weinstein have triggered an entire movement where a man’s sexual energy is now treated like nuclear waste.

The Southern Male Conservative WASP has it the worst of all. He’s been singled out and castigated by our country’s leaders. He’s ridiculed for “clinging to guns and religion”. Our leaders call him “deplorable” or “neanderthal” in an attempt to make him the pariah of the nation. He is the current enemy of the state. With no “isms” or “phobias” working in his favor he’s isolated and easily marginalized in most settings. He sits idly by while minorities and 12 genders that suddenly appeared out of nowhere are celebrated. He’ll have no day of his own.

Analog Manliness

I coined this phrase awhile back and I’ve been kicking it around ever since. Analog is real, tactile, and foundational. I contrast this to a digital world that is cold, sterile, and harsh. Think back to those old Kodachrome slides or your vintage 8mm films. That warmth, that tone, that “analog vibe”. Like the analog world of days gone by, however, manliness is on the autopsy table.

Think of your favorite album on vinyl through a nice tube amp on a good set of speakers. Think of the imperfections, clicks, pops, and hiss that combined with the analog feel of the music to create magic. Contrast that to the cold sterile sounds of digitally perfected music on your phone that is forced through speakers the size of small nipples. That sound attempting to make its way through that nipple-speaker resembles the pathetic squeak of today’s man.

Think back to a time when a man was a man. He was the leader of his family, his church, and his community. This does not mean women have to be cast aside or set under foot, but a man should never be fearful of taking the lead. He should not fear a public stand for what he feels is right and moral. Sure it may offend or hurt some feelings, but we have to get past this new trend where people are incapable of dealing with their feelings like responsible adults.

Thinking For One’s Self

While diversity sounds good on paper, its current playbook seeks to divide us. Diversity today means isolating radical minority groups behind walls that are impenetrable to rational debate as these groups seek to legitimize new dogmas. Everyone is right, every voice deserves to be heard, and there is no capacity for common sense dialog.

Watch it happen on the battlefield – a man who can’t think for himself is fractionalized in this environment. This plays directly into the divide and conquer strategy of corporate power, which is exactly where we don’t need the power to be.

A man with no bearing, no fortitude, and no sense of self is left in the cold. While everyone is screaming and yelling and unable to agree on anything, the weakened man knows no direction. Enforcing a set of written rules or talking about his own beliefs is risky or maybe dangerous. He could lose his job. Someone might yell at him. He might offend someone or hurt their feelings. Heaven forbid someone suffers an offense, right?

So a man who can’t think for himself eschews his masculinity along with his belief structure and goes with the flow instead. Bad idea. A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. It’s easier for him to let the world determine his dogmas and dictate his actions. Man it’s sad to watch it happen. Crushing.


Here I want to close with this – guys my age, keep an ear out for the younger males. Fellow Analog Men, they need our help. We live in a time where expressing masculine energy is dangerous. That energy today is being shouted down, condemned, and rooted out. We’re told it’s offensive and deplorable.

We live in a time when men can use the women’s restrooms and play on the women’s lacrosse team if they feel safer there. Long held norms and beliefs are being challenged with few Analog Men left to stand up for reason or common sense, let alone social morals. There are young men who are confused on where to place their innate masculine self – their DNA, their core being. Watch for them, lock arms, and let’s march forward together.

Analog men, I’d love to hear from you. Younger men who need that support structure, reach out. Let’s end the autopsy today!

As alway, cheers – and thanks for reading!

Part 1, by the way, is here.

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