2017 – The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

I love investing.  It is one of my passions.  I read, research, and work on it almost daily.  Sadly, when I speak with friends and co-workers, I find investing is a mystery to most.

Many struggle with where to even begin the process. Some think they are investing when what they are actually doing is gambling and fraught with danger.  Some are way too aggressive in their efforts and stand a good chance of ruin while others are so conservative in their efforts they will never get to where they want (or need) to be.  While some have a 401k or a Roth IRA, many have no idea how to work with them, nor do they understand what they are invested in – they may have their investments on “auto-pilot” where they severely lag the market in performance, or some work with financial planners who soak them with high fees while delivering sub-par returns.

While I am by no means an expert or a professional, I can say that I have done two things well. One – I am 100% debt free. My house, cars, and everything I own is paid for in full.  My only monthly commitments are food, utilities, taxes, insurance, and the gasoline I need to get around town. Two – I am well on my way to financial independence as a result of smart, strategic, patient, and long-term investing.

In conversations I’ve had with others, both in person or on social media platforms, many have said to me “blog that!” or “write about that so I can learn!” or “can I buy you a coffee or a lunch and learn about your investing?” or simply “Can you help me?” So here it is. I figure if this blog helps even one person, it’s worth it.  Maybe I’ll hear from two or more…

My goal is to write 24 blog posts in 2017 and see what happens after that.  I will blog about investing and personal finance (and a few other things of interest) and I will talk about what I think are good investments and what are bad investments. I’m ready for criticism, I’m ready for alternative viewpoints, I’m ready to be wrong about some things, but I think I’ll be right about a few things too.

One important note – we will be looking at LONG term investing here – NOT getting rich quick. We will be investing, and not day-trading. I hate phrases like “playing the market” or “betting on this”. I don’t work off of “hot tips” or things “a guy told me…” We’re not playing around, we’re not betting, and we’re not chasing after wild tips & rumors. We are investing our precious and hard-earned dollars with an eye toward a 20-30 year time frame.

Furthermore, it is important to completely understand what we are investing in, what our timeline is, what our expected result will be. This will lead to confident decisions with a thorough understanding of our financial picture. There will be something for everyone here – the beginner who has not even started saving money yet, all the way through to the active trader.

The road ahead… beautiful, exciting, fun, and packed with adventure! Photo by Quentin Leclercq

On my next post we’ll look at the current state of the market, and we’ll look at where to begin investing in order to outperform the market as a whole.

I’m always up for feedback – positive or negative, and I’d love to know what people would like to read about and learn – so please comment & reply.

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